5 Weird Ice Cream Flavors

March 26, 2011

The news out of San Francisco is alarming at best: prosciutto-flavored ice cream. Local ice cream maker Humphry Slocombe teamed up with a local salumeria to produce this creation. Their first batch (10 gallons) sold out really quickly so they're making another.  Here's some other odd ice cream flavors from around the world. Do you know of any weird flavors you'd like to contribute?

1. The Mash Cone: Made in the UK, this ice cream combines the main ingredients of the much-beloved dish. That means sausage, gravy, peas and potatoes go into the ice cream. Supposedly, it's quite good and a company called Aunt Bessie's dishes it up.

2. Basashi Ice: Such a mundane name does not adequately prepare someone for what's inside this Japanese ice cream. The secret ingredient is a kind of sushi, raw horse flesh actually. At the Sunshine Mall in Tokyo, you'll stumble into Ice Cream City where you can sample any kind of ice cream imaginable, including Basashi Ice.


3. Viagra Ice Cream: This ice cream promises a good time. It was available in London in 2009, from the same people who gave you Baby Gaga ice cream.  Icecreamists offered the "Sex Pistol" as an ice cream and cocktail combination designed to pack a punch. It didn't actually contain viagra, but had lots of other libido boosters like gingko biloba, arginine and guarana.

4. Garlic Ice Cream: The Gillroy Garlic Festival occurs once a year and boasts pretty much everything in the world made from garlic that you could imagine. That includes garlic ice cream. In the past, festival-goers have been treated to a free sample of the unusual treat.

Garlic Ice Cream

5. Bacon Ice Cream: This one, like the previous entry, comes straight from the United States. It can be found in an ice cream shop in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Other flavors in the store include barbecued ice cream and peanut butter and jelly.

Photos by kreg.steppe, baconbaconbacon.tumblr.com