Nation's Fastest Growing Food Product

March 26, 2011

Greek Yogurt

The yogurt industry has experienced a bit of a Renaissance and there's one main reason for that: Greek yogurt. According to a report in Business Insider, Greek yogurt sales have shot up 100% every year for the past three and now make up 19% of all yogurt sales. What makes this remarkable is that Greek yogurt is ultimately more expensive than traditional yogurt. So, consumers are willing to shell out the extra money for this product. Why?

For one thing, it has higher protein content than a traditional yogurt. Many people now elect to make Greek yogurt the backbone, if not the entire, meal. The perception is that Greek yogurt is actually more filling than traditional yogurt. Companies began by pushing the yogurt to "rich women looking for low-fat, high protein food." The strategy seems to have worked. Prices have begun to decrease and more people seem to be embracing the trend.

One particularly interesting part of the research is how few of Greek yogurt consumers seem to like the taste. Most people responded that they eat it primarily because of its health benefits, and are not motivated by its nutritional value.

What do you think? Are you a Greek yogurt fan? Do you like the taste? Respond in the comments.

Photo by Janineomg

Chelley’s Greek Yogurt Cake With Raspberry Yogurt Sauce



Mira Dessy's picture

I love yogurt in any form. The Greek yogurt is great as a substitute for both sweet and savory cream needs plus it's got that delicious tangy flavor that I enjoy so much.

Teresa's picture

I love Greek yogurt! I have it for breakfast at least three times per week, mixed with berries, ceylon cinnamon, and 1 1/2 tsp of raw honey. Lovely!

Rosemary's picture

I am not a fan Greek yogurt...primarily the taste and texture so I opt for just plain nonfat yogurt....the benefits are still there. I have it every morning with fruit and flax seed breakfast ever....

Chris's picture

The ultimate find is goat-greek yogurt!

Sheila's picture

I love yogurt, Greek yogurt in particular! I make my own, though. I was getting really annoyed by how hard it is to find full-fat yogurt. I guess it's because the consumer base for yogurt is mainly health-conscious people who believe in eating lowfat -- which I don't. (I'm still health-conscious and in excellent shape, I just believe in eating fat.)

And there is the price consideration, too. The thing is, it takes much more milk to make Greek yogurt because all the whey is strained out. It takes two quarts of milk or more to make a quart of Greek yogurt.