Sad Situation For Jamie Oliver

April 4, 2011

An unfortunate situation is unfolding in Australia, where the former general manager of Jamie Oliver's Fifteen restaurant in Melbourne has been accused of arson and a series of theft charges after a fire caused $1 million (Australian dollars) in damages to the restaurant's offices.

Back in June 2008, Kevin Stralow allegedly set the fire in an attempt to conceal his crime. He had stolen $22,000 from the restaurant and lost the money while gambling, court documents allege. At a meeting of the staff following the fire, Stralow was telling jokes and told employees that $15,000 was lost in his desk. Security footage later showed Stralow entering the building shortly before the fire.

Oliver set up the Fifteen Foundation to encourage disadvantaged youth to find work in the hospitality industry. Other branches of the restaurant are open in London, Cornwall, and Copenhagen.

Photo by really short