Infant Served Sangria at Florida Olive Garden

April 14, 2011

Is this a horrifying national trend? Serving alcohol to infant children instead of juice? A woman now reports that her son received "tropical sangria" instead of orange at a Lakeland, Florida Olive Garden restaurant. The incident comes just days after a young child was served a margarita instead of juice at an Applebee's.

Jill VanHeest took her two-year old son to the hospital after the incident, where he received fluids and other treatment for several hours. Thankfully, he suffered no lasting problems from the mistake. Half an hour after receiving the drink, VanHeest's son began acting up and she suspected something was wrong. A waiter came to the table and removed the child's drink, saying he needed to bring a new one.

When he returned, VanHeest asked him what was in the original glass. The waiter replied "the manager will be right over, but it was tropical sangria." Following the incident, Olive Garden announced it would no longer make sangria in batches, but would prepare each drink to order. Sangria was the only beverage at the restaurant made in batches.

In a related note, how is sangria appropriate for an "Italian restaurant" like Olive Garden?

Photo by Rob n Amy C