5 Tips for Healthy and Sustainable Eating on a Budget

May 3, 2011


1. Hit up the bulk aisle at your local health food store. Buying in bulk not only reduces waste, but also can save plenty of cash. Many stores offer nuts, seeds, whole gluten-free grains, beans, herbs spices. Some even offer nut butter, seaweed, oils, fermented veggies, olives, and tea.

2. Join a CSA (community supported agriculture). Order weekly and get a box of fresh seasonal veggies at a fraction of the cost of your local grocery store. You are supporting your local economy and getting produce while it's still fresh. The veggies have a higher amount of nutrients, as they begin to breakdown as soon as they are picked.

3. Get a stainless steel food thermos. This will inspire you to bring lunch to work or school, which saves money and is more nourishing than grabbing a sandwich or salad out every day.

4. Double up on meals and freeze the leftovers. Now that you have a thermos, you don't need to put lunch in the microwave or even dirty any dishes.

5. If you're an omnivore, buy a whole pasture-raised chicken at your local farmers market. Roast it, and then make a soup with the leftovers. You'll be amazed at just how many meals one chicken will provide.

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