6 Recipes to Nourish and Inspire on Cinco de Mayo

May 3, 2011

"mexican food"

In anticipaion of Cinco De Mayo and with Mexican food being uber popular, it's the perfect time share some nutrient dense updartes on classic Mexi Favorites. All of these recipes are unique, gluten free, and will leaving you begging for seconds!

Caldo de Pollo aka Mexican Chicken Soup- Here is a truly Mexican update on a classic healing food. It even calls for homemade bone broth, which is one of the most healing foods as it is packed with minerals and is very easy to absorb.

Halibut and Beef  Soft Taco- I love the idea of a surf n turf taco. It's unique and goes beyond the usual tacos with it's raw milk cheese and sprouted corn tortillas.

Pickled Jalepenos- For those that like a little fire in their food, these will pack a wallop along with providing beneficial bacteria and enzymes. Add some kick to any Mexi-inspired meal.

Last Minute Mexican Rice n Beans- Updated with brown rice, grass-fed butter, homemade chicken broth, and fermented salsa. An epically healthy addition to any Mexican meal.

RawFried Beans- This nutritious update of a staple Mexi food doesn't even contain beans!

Raw Spice Brownies- This tasty treat is a perfect end to any Mexi-inspired feast! And there is no added sweeteners. I'd even swap the raisins for goji berries and reduce to half a cup.

Photo: Mouton