Son Attacks Mom Over Starbucks Drink

May 9, 2011

Here's an unfortunate story to report, especially coming the day after Mother's Day. Brandon Scott Quintana, 19, "spent every cent" on his iced Starbucks coffee and left it in the refrigerator at home to enjoy later. He shares that home with his mom and she gives him money for gas money. Apparently, that doesn't give her permission to have some of his Starbucks though.

His mom awoke from a nap with "parched throat" and helped herself to the Starbucks drink in the fridge. When Quintana arrived home, he flew into a rage over the drink. His mom offered to buy him a 2-liter soda to replace the coffee, but he got even more enraged and threw her into a computer chair.

The cops arrived to sort everything out, but Quintana was charged with battery.

Photo by poolie