$2M Jackpot Winner Admits He Still Uses Food Stamps

May 17, 2011

He might be a millionaire jackpot winner and drive a brand new Audi convertible, but Leroy Flick of Bay County, Mich., still uses food stamps. What's even more galling is that Flick admited to collecting government assistance to a TV station. On camera! Money can't buy smarts. He won the "Make Me Rich!" jackpot nearly a year ago. 

"If you're going to try and make me feel bad, you're not going to do it," Flick told WNEM.

He added that taxes took half of his winnings.

So $1 million isn't enough to keep someone from needing food stamps? Stay classy, Leroy! 



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Terri's picture

Goes to show the government doesn't do their work because he would have had to give his SS # and he should have been flagged! This guy should be prosecuted also because in order to collect any type of welfare you have to give ALL your income regardless if it is earned or won!!!

RJ Flamingo's picture

This guy should indeed be prosecuted. What he's doing is committing Federal crimes of fraud and theft. I've seen people thrown out of subsidized housing because one extra person was living there. He may not feel bad now, but he's going to feel plenty bad when his Audi is seized, he's forced to pay restitution, and he's sitting in federal prison. Just a matter of time, my friend. Just a matter of time.

Kris's picture

Here is this guy, has won a giant jackpot and even if the goverment took half, still has a million, and collects food stamps, when there are people like myself that can't work, my husband is working an $8.00 hr job, and we have two kids, and they want to keep cutting our food stamps. Where is the logic in that? Michigan really needs to get on the ball and check things out. I know here in NY, you have to give SS# for everyone in the household, bank accounts, vehicale information, cash on hand, plus other things. *shakes head* Just don't understand it.

Janice Harper's picture

Where's Darwin when you need him? Sadly, it's cases like this that get jumped on by interest groups that want to do away with the social safety net altogether and leave destitute families even worse off.

Fae Queen's picture

It's all about 'earned income', folks. This is the same law that allows rich people to get social security checks they don't need and tax breaks they don't spend creating jobs...unless you consider building a new palatial home or buying a new yacht creating jobs.

What do you (Foodista) have against people who get food stamps? This is the second post I've seen on food stamps. Get a life and quit bashing poor people! If you don't like the way the government works, DO something about it! Get those rich Republicans in Congress to pass laws to fix it!