5 Bizarre Grills

May 25, 2011

'Tis the season to get out and start grilling, and these bizarre grills prove that you can't judge a barbecuer by its brand name. From sleek, contemporary grills to DIY behemoth BBQs made of recycled car parts, these bizarre grills show off the inventiveness of modern grillmasters.

1. SigmaFocus Wall-Mounted BBQ: This SigmaFocus wall-mounted grill by Focus folds up to a neat orb between barbecues. The circular wall plate offers stability and prevents wall discoloration from barbecue smoke.

bizarre grills

2. God-grillaThe God-grilla by Jack Henriques of the Bespoke BBQ Company is the world's largest barbecue. It packs seven coal trays into its 16-foot length and weighs in at 2 tons. The God-grilla can take care of seven whole lambs, 500 hamburgers or 1,000 sausages at once, depending on your protein of choice, but you'll need 14 bags of coal to stoke its fire properly.

bizarre grills

3. Top Fuel Diner: The Top Fuel Diner is a trailer designed by Tom Gasper that transforms into a 16-foot dragster barbecue complete with a flat-top griddle, a regular grill, refrigerator, freezer and condiment station. Gasper finished the dragster last spring and has been traveling with it to car shows to sell his grilled goods. Mike Kezdi captured the following image in his coverage of the dragster BBQ for Sun News:

Top Fuel Diner bizarre grills

4. Dodge Grill Deluxe: The Dodge Grill Deluxe was created by Willie Elder of Greeley, Colorado as a side project. Elder transformed the front end of a scrap 1939 Dodge pickup into a hod rod barbecuer that's the toast of the town. It can grill 2 pounds of chicken, 12 hot dogs and 24 burgers at once, according to the Greeley Tribune.

Dodge Grill Deluxe bizarre grills

5. Whiskey Barrel BBQ Pit: The Whiskey Barrel BBQ Pit by Thousand Oaks Barrel Co. is made from an upcycled whiskey barrel. It features a metal rack and interior to prevent the barrel from burning. It's perhaps the ideal grill for someone who loves whiskey, beer or wine.

Whiskey Barrel BBQ Pit

Which of these bizarre grills was your favorite?



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