Que Cologne is a Fragrance for BBQ Fanatics

June 9, 2011

Pork Barrel BBQ's Que Cologne is a fragrance for grillmasters and fervent BBQ fans. The barbecue company worked with perfumers to engineer a line of cologne and perfume that smells just like barbecue -- meat, smoke, sweat and spices included.

Pork Barrel BBQ is marketing Que Cologne with a fun riff on infamous fragrance commercials. The ad below, for example, plays on Elizabeth Taylor's "White Diamonds" commercial and is called "Que Diamonds."

If you're purchasing Que Cologne as a Father's Day gift, Pork Barrel BBQ recommends that you place your order by June 13. Would you ever wear this barbecue-scented fragrance?

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Andie Mitchell's picture

Ne-ver. I love barbeque smells, but this isn't romantic to me