This Millennium Falcon Wedding Cake is Nerdalicious

June 16, 2011

This Millennium Falcon wedding cake was created by Santa Monica, California bakery The Butter End for Reddit user Punqington's nuptials. The immaculate edible sculpture houses a carrot cake inside its rolled chocolate exterior.

Punqington said that the Millennium Falcon wedding cake took 53 hours to create and cost the couple "a couple grand, and worth every penny." The wild wedding cake is embedded with LED lights on the front, rear and beneath the spaceship; it sits atop "dirt" made from ground-up graham crackers. Little Star Wars figurines sit off to the site of the Millennium Falcon to finish the cake. Here's a snapshot captured by one of the guests at the wedding of the side and back of the cake:

millennium falcon wedding cake

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Punqington's picture

Awesome! Thanks for posting!!! I Have to give credit to our Wedding Planner Laura from Rebel Belle Weddings for taking the pictures. And kudos for reading my comments and including them in your article, first post I have seen to show some journalism :)

Marissa's picture

Thanks, Punqington! I'll add Laura to the photo credits part of the post. I left you a note on Reddit too -- congratulations!

Andie Mitchell's picture

Such a great cake!!

Barnaby's picture

Congrats and may many more Star Wars cakes be with you!

Janet Vandenabeele's picture

That looks as detailed as any plastic model I've seen! Amazing! Did you save any of it for a first wedding anniversary?