5 Incredible Ramen Rings

July 1, 2011

You might think that ramen is just fare fit for college kids and starving artists, but this noodle dish is a mainstay of Japanese cuisine for its inexpensive yet versatile nature, and these incredible ramen rings prove how pervasive it's been in popular culture. These statement rings all highlight ramen in immaculate fashion. Which is your favorite?

1. Ramen Noodles Lasercut Acrylic Ring Set: This LicketyCut ring is actually comprised of three separate rings: the front and back of the bowl and the transparent yellow noodles. Each laser-cut acrylic ring is made to order according to the customer's ring size.

ramen rings

2. Kawaii Japanese Ring: This bowl of ramen features pork-shaped fish cakes, or kamaboko, in addition to its vegetables for a realistic-looking miniature treat.

ramen rings

3. Ramen Noodles Ring: Unlike the other rings, which depict bowls of soup, this ramen ring by CharlieCCBB features a box of instant noodles atop a scalloped plate with a hot pink fork.

ramen rings

4. Miniature Food Floating Ring: This ring by FingerFood Delight features a miniature scene of a pot of ramen sitting on a trivet, complete with suspended chopsticks, noodles, pork and vegetables.

ramen rings

5. College Student Care Package Ring: This adjustable ring by SouZouCreations features staples in a college kid's culinary arsenal: pancake mix, bread stick snacks, sausages, jelly beans, canned ham, an energy bar, a lollipop, cheese and instant noodles.

ramen rings

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shoshanna levy's picture

The one in your main pic is adorable, even though I wouldn't actually eat the stuff :)