Week-Long Dog Meat Food Festival in China Uses 15,000 Canine Carcasses

July 1, 2011

Earlier this week, thousands of fans of canine cuisine headed to a dog meat food festival in China. The week-long event takes place in Yulin and used the cooked carcasses of over 15,000 dogs.

In Yulin, farmers raise dogs for slaughter just as they would cattle or other livestock. "It's just like other meat," Lu Hin said to the Daily Mail. "Smaller animals tend to be more delicate and sweeter, while very big dogs have a strong, muscular taste."

The dog meat food festival offers an opportunity to sample the best of Yulin "fragrant meat," which is believed to have medicinal benefits. The Daily Mail reports that Chinese authorities are attempting to devise legislation that would ban dog meat for consumption.

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Lisa's picture

I realize that with different countries comes different cuisine. However...being a dog lover, and animal lover in general, I think it was in poor taste to show this picture of dead dogs. You could have talked about this food festival without this graphic picture. My son was sitting with me when I saw this and he's only 10. It upset him a great deal.

Jennifer Hoppe's picture

Okay, that's it -- won't be following you anymore. This photo will give me nightmares.

Meredith's picture

Did you have to show the picture of the dead dogs? Really? Totally awful! I won't be following you anymore. As much as I love food, I love animals, especially dogs, much more. Shame on you for not being able to share different customs and foods more tastefully. Pun intended.

Anonymous's picture

You guys are criticizing this person for posting this picture? Really? Get over it. There are more graphic pictures than this on the internet, especially on news websites. Plus, the poster is just putting something on here to enlighten us on the culture of another country. It's very interesting. Also, the post mentions that Chinese authorities are trying to pass legislation in order to ban activities like this.
Get over yourselves, become less sheltered, and embrace another culture like you expect others to embrace yours.
Thank you! Goodmorning, goodevening, and goodnight!

Anonymous 2's picture

Ditto! on the last post. We eat chicken, beef, pork, etc... They are all cute little furry animals too! We still eat them!! We have a cute dog too, but we cannot criticize what others eat!!

Anonymous 2's picture

I have to agree with the other two "anons".... It's closed-minded, childish comments like Lisa, Jennifer and Meredith that make me shake my head. There are much worse images in the news every day. Is this picture gory with blood everywhere? Or showing a dog being brutally killed? The Humane Society commercials are more disturbing than this.

Lisa, your son looks to you on how to react. You missed an excellent opportunity to teach your son how other cultures are sometimes very different. I bet he would be just as shocked if he saw how cattle are slaughtered or chickens' necks broken for food.

You have the right to your opinion, but it is the want of childish "reactive" censorship like this that leads to worse censorship.

Anonymous 2's picture

Sorry Anon #2...I stole your name. Meant to be Anon 3....

Hypatia's picture

A heap of dead dogs offends you, yet you don't think twice about buying/eating chicken, pork, beef, or lamb?

Any of you who criticizes this article needs to check out this website: http://www.meat.org/

"Meet your Meat". Look behind the scenes at the farms and factories where your "meals" are grown and killed, and then have the audacity to get offended.