5 Foods For The Summer Kitchen

July 7, 2011

Dang, it's so hot! Summertime is all about pools and playing outside, but it's still necessary to be thinking about food for the family as well. Who wants to be heating up the house with long baked casseroles and heavy dinners? Not me! Here are 5 foods to have on hand, even cooked ahead, so you can get everyone to the table and remain cool while doing it. 

Brown rice
Perfect as a foil for just about anything you can get from the farmers market or your own backyard garden. There is nothing  more delicious than quick stir fry, a simple sauce and a bed of brown rice. So quick and easy. 

It sounds funny, but soup can be a quick and light meal for those hot evenings. Saute your fresh vegetables in a little olive oil and add the broth - add a crusty bread and you are done!

Good bread
Speaking of bread, think of bread as having more of a presence in your meals. Look for crusty, light loaves, and think using leftovers for sandwiches or cut and brush with garlic then broil and top with chopped, leftover veggies. My kids eat just about any combination of flavors eaten this way. 

Precooked Meat
Before you think *deli meats*, I am talking about purposely making extra for another  meal. If you cook it and then store the extra right away, it is less of a leftover, and more of planning ahead item. 

Don't laugh! Nothing is easier than combining an acid and oil,  and seasonings to make a marinade, a dressing, even a simple topping to pass right at the table.

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