Homemade Herbed Goat Cheese

July 7, 2011

Cheesemaking has become my new hobby.  I have been experimenting with making fresh cheeses like mozzarella, ricotta, and goat cheese.  Goat cheese has a wonderful tart flavor that balances well with the sweetness of vegetables and fruit.  Fresh cheeses are easy to make because they don't require a lot of time nor expensive cultures. This recipe for homemade goat cheese is perfect on top of salads, spread on crostini, or simply by itself with some crackers.  This is a fun project to do on the weekend with your kids, friends, or significant other.  If you do not have time to make your own, buy a log of your favorite goat cheese and roll it in some freshly chopped herbs.

Homemade Herbed Goat Cheese

1 quart pasteurized goat’s milk (avoid ‘ultra’-pasteurized)

¼ cup freshly squeezed lemon juice

½ clove freshly grated garlic

a few pinches herbs de provence

freshly chopped parsley

coarse salt, to taste

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Homemade Herbed Goat Cheese

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