Looking For Local Meat - Try a Meat Up

July 15, 2011

If you live in Maine, and want to find a source for local meat, check out what Ben Slayton of Farmer's Gate Market butcher shop in Wales, Maine, is doing.

Along the same idea as the popular MeetUp, Mr. Slayton has created a way to get a group of sustainable, pasture raised , local farmer's meat , right to the customers who want to buy it - a Meat Up! 

He brings the meat to the designated area, where customers can pick up their meat order, without having to travel long distances to get it. This cuts down on fuel needed for multiple customers driving to Wales, provides the customer with a face to face meeting with the person responsible for processing the meat, and helps spread the word about small farmers and their products. 

For more information on Farmer's Gate Meat Ups, check out this page.

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