Spaghetti Carbanara - AKA Using Up Leftovers

July 24, 2011

I am always writing about how leftovers are nothing to be ashamed of. If you plan for them, you actually are not making a left over, you are saving  time on the next meal. 

For tonight's leftover, errr Repurposing of the extra spaghetti we had for dinner is Spaghetti Carbanara. Pasta and bacon, what's not to love?

To set the scene: We came home from helping set up 4H at the local fairgrounds. Once the door slammed shut, every child I have was STARVIIIIINNNNGGGGG! You know, about-to-pass-out-from-hunger type of drama. Please. Anyways, since pasta is a basic staple, and we live on a farm, so the freezer usually contains meat - Bingo! Spaghetti Carbanara it is. Fast to make and very satisfying for my poor, poor children. 

Spaghetti Carbanara

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