Stephen Colbert is Totally Rawesome!

August 5, 2011

It looks like the battle over raw milk has gone mainstream.

Check out Stephen Colbert's hilarious take on the raw milk raids. "This is pasteurization without representation" ~Ron Paul

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This clip is from October 2010 and refers to the the first time Stewart was raided in June 2010 . I guess Stewart thinks he is above the law and doesn't feel the need to obtain the required permits and inspections even though a year has passed. Rawesome/Stewart has not had permits for operation for 6 years and one of his Raw Milk suppliers has not had any permits and inspections since 2007!
The permits require inspections of the facilities, veterinary exams and health code compliance which is especially important with raw dairy and public safety.Again this issue is about permits,sanitation and health code standards. I would think that Raw Milk users would want the assurance that their suppliers have the proper permits and inspections done to ensure their safety.

The following links provide more details on the real issues.