Going Green with Soybean Baby Diapers

August 8, 2011

Battelle, a research and development firm in Columbus, Ohio, is going greener in trying to commercialize a baby diaper that uses soybeans instead of hydrogels as super absorbent polymers (SAPs). Soybean meal, mainly used for animal feed, is used to convert to the SAPs and replace harmful petroleum-based products commonly used in conventional diapers. This makes the soybean diapers friendlier to the environment, more sustainable, and cost competitive. 

Battelle is creating soy-based replacement technology funded by United Soybean Board and the Ohio Soybean council.  The research also resulted to other breakthroughs like flexible foams for bedding and furniture, toner for printers, coatings, lubricants, plasticisers and other products that use petroleum-based components.

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