4 Hello Kitty Inspired Foods

August 20, 2011

Hello Kitty Sandwich Cookies

These Hello Kitty Oreo Cookies are carved to resemble the face of the iconic cat, bow and all!


Hello Kitty Cookies


Hello Kitty Sushi

Someone has managed to get the adorable Hello Kitty face in the middle of their sushi. I'm not quite sure how they were able to put this together or what ingredients were used, but they sure do look cute!


Hello Kitty Sushi


Hello Kitty Donuts

My favorite of this Hello Kitty collection, these donuts come in three different flavors -- strawberry, chocolate and vanilla.


Hello Kitty Donuts


Hello Kitty Cupcakes

Made with pink frosting and fondant characters, these Hello Kitty cupcakes look like a fun and girly treat.


Hello Kitty Cupcakes

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How about cupcakes in the style of Sanrio? (Hello Kitty Included)