Whole Foods To Offer Wellness Clubs

August 29, 2011

Whole Foods is planning to open membership only Wellness Clubs over the next few months, test the idea. For a fee to join, and a monthly membership, shoppers can get health evaluations and access to classes in cooking, health and nutrition. Another benefit is a 10% discount on 1,000 food items. 

The first Wellness Club has been opened in Dedham, Massachussetts. If it is successful, Whole Foods has plans to open Wellness Clubs in most of its stores. 

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Stephanie Holmberg's picture

This is great news, and I admire Whole Foods for doing this, but how many people actually have access to a Whole Foods? You can do something about this! Real people need access to REAL food, RAW food, Green, Grass fed meats and dairy, organic food! If you want to make a stand, visit my blog at www.beyondorganicforlife.wordpress.com.