Little Children, Huge Big Food Lies

September 7, 2011

Millions of people believe that cereal and other packaged breakfast foods will provide their families with a nourishing morning meal. Sadly, this is far from the truth. In fact, most packaged cereals, pastries, and kids meals are loaded with sugar, HFCS, and other harmful additives.

The Small Bites health Blog has put together some examples of the worst offenders. These are products that use deceptive marketing to make the junk food sound like something nourishing.

“Post Marshmallow Pebbles is a wholesome, sweetened rice cereal.” Considering that is contains very little protein, no fiber and as much sugar as three Oreos, four artificial dyes, hydrogenated oil, and caramel color, I'd say that this is not truth in advertising.

If we are going to beat the diabesity crisis, then we are going to have to really learn how to read labels and not get fooled by flowery language. Be especially careful of the word wholesome, because it seems to be on the majority of the least wholesome products imaginable.



Laura's Last Ditch - Vintage Kitchenwares's picture

Amen! People are so easily tricked by "fruit" snacks and other things posing as food that are not. Steel cut oats decorated with nuts, fruit, and honey are a great breakfast.