No Groceries for a Year

September 9, 2011

A California couple is taking the local food movement to the next level. Rachel and Tom Hoff live in the San Francisco bay area suburb, Vallejo, and they have a quarter acre garden. The couple sources the majority of their food from the garden, and they stopped shopping at grocery store a year ago.

At first they were buying produce from the farmers market, but six months in they decided to go all the way with the experiment. The Hoffs do trade with other local farmers for goods that they don't produce.

"It's more of a priority for us to make a good meal from scratch and eat it together instead of watching TV."


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Where do you get your cheetos?

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Thanks for the link love. BTW, my husband can be a bit touchy about his last name (that whole Scottish pride thing I guess). It's actually Ferguson. I think he's just being silly though. ;)