Man Demolishes Monstrous 7,500-Calorie English Breakfast

September 13, 2011

Demolition man Steven Magee made history at the Hungry Horse cafe in Corby, England recently when he became the first to finish The Big One, a gigantic English breakfast plate that contains a whopping 7,500 calories. The 6.6-pound plate contains the following:

  • Three burgers
  • Three fried eggs
  • Three slices of square sausage
  • Three slices of black pudding
  • Three sausages
  • Three bacon rashers
  • Three helpings of the following side dishes: potato waffles, hash browns, toast and butter, fried bread, potato scones, beans and mushrooms

What's perhaps most surprising about Magee's achievement is that he says that his typical breakfast just consists of cereal. It took him 80 minutes and six cups of tea to finish The Big One, according to OddityCentral. His prize? A framed photo on the Hungry Horse cafe wall and his meal comped.

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