The Great Food Truck Scandal

September 13, 2011

Popular New York City food truck Korilla was booted off Food Network's "The Great Food Truck Race" after being accused of cooking their books to get ahead in the competition. 

The episode was set in Memphis and did not allow the food truck operators to use meat in their creations. At the end of the episode, host Tyler Florence announced Korilla was eliminated from the competition because they had added $2,000 of their own money to the cash register. The discrepancy was discovered when sales receipts did not match the cash on hand.

Korilla denied they cheated last night in several tweets. A sample: 


Because of an agreement with Food Network, "The only thing I can tell you is that I can't talk to you," a representative told Gothamist.  We look forward to a formal explanation. 

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Murph's picture

They may not cheat NY...but they got caught red handed cheating Memphis and the other competitors!

Taz's picture

They've cheated several times before this too. Like when they got Zero seed money and they went and got all sorts of supplies on credit, then when they STOLE the chunk of meat from the sausage factory to use later.. When I saw the teaser after the Manhattan episode I knew it was them.

XYZ's picture

How is taking the meat from the sausage factory cheating? Every other team did the same thing...taking meat to their truck to make sausages. Korilla just chose to NOT make sausages. Were they supposed to give back the meats? Did all the other teams give back their unused portions? And getting food on credit is cheating how? Just cuz no one else thought of that option means what?

LA bob's picture

It figures, the Koreans cheated. Just like their "cousins" in Beijing, who would have thought?