This Willy Wonka-Themed Wedding is Sweet Beyond Belief

September 14, 2011

Photographer Kay English was recently tasked with capturing a Willy Wonka-themed wedding shoot, and the finished product shows off her ingenuity and creativeness. The couple opted for invitations written like golden tickets, and the bride carried an edible chocolate bouquet by MDS Floral Designs.

The Willy Wonka-inspired details don't stop there. The shoot also featured a gorgeous chocolate cake made by Hudson Cakery that was accented with gold cake pops and a candy base. In one image, the couple chomps down on a gigantic 5-pound gummy bear; in another, the bride shows off a Ring Pop. Other props used for the wedding shoot include a chandelier outfitted in Life Savers candy and a candelabra topped with colorful macaroons. Charlie Bucket would be proud.

willy wonka wedding

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