Shocking Bribery Scandal in San Francisco

December 15, 2011

Two former San Francisco health inspectors are in hot water after being accused of accepting bribes to pass hundreds of city restaurants on food safety examinations. Ajamu Stewart, 54, and Clifton Sanders, 41, face up to eight years in prison if convicted of a variety of crimes, including felony counts of falsifying public records. 

According to the charges, the men allegedly charged nearly 350 restaurants between $100 and $200 in exchange for a passing score on a written food safety exam. The exam asks questions about the proper temperatures of hot or cold foods and proper sanitation procedures in restaurants. Stewart and Sanders would ask the questions orally or fill in the answers themselves. 

"It is of paramount importance that the public have confidence that the employees that are investigating and regulating food safety issues are carrying out their responsibilities with the highest degree of professionalism," District Attorney Dennis Herrara said. 

No restaurant employees will face charges. Restaurants involved ranged from well-known establishments to eateries serving more ethnic foods. 

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Search the San Francisco Hazardous Materials Unified Program Agency homepage for Inspector Paula Stewart. She needs to lose her California REHS license for not reporting her husband's trangressions toute suite!
How could she raise her head each day?