Scientists Recreate Shackleton's Whisky

January 6, 2012

In 1907, British explorer Ernest Shackleton set out on an ill-fated adventure to study and see the Arctic. Forced to abandon the ship, most people assumed the spirits were lost for good. Not so! A 2007 expedition located some of the remnants of Shackleton's original journey, including several bottles of perfectly preserved spirits. 

Though the whisky was produced by Mackinlay & Co at the Glen Mhor distillery in 1896, that company has long gone out of business. Instead, the current owner—Whyte and Mackay– obtained the bottles, tasted them and then began to try and copy them. They succeeded so now customers around the world can enjoy the same spirits as these ill-fated Arctic explorers. You can enjoy a bottle of the special spirits by buying one here

You can read a scientific paper on the process here

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