Celebrities will Nibble on Gold at the Golden Globe Awards

January 9, 2012

Celebrities attending the Golden Globe Awards will be getting a meal that will fit right in with the glitz and glamor of the event. Chef Suki Sugiura will be preparing the meal which will involve foods flown in from all over the world. The three-course meal is being described as a "global food harmony" that includes an entree of braised prime short rib of beef as well as sea bass marinated in miso straight from Sendai, Japan. 

"They produce some of the best miso in Japan," said Sugiura. "We bring it here to share with each other, to appreciate each other and to enjoy it together. It's East meets West -- one world -- at the Golden Globes."

Pastry chef, Thomas Henzi, will be serving a chocolate almond crunch terrine with acacia honey, caramel and fresh berries. The chocolate will be flown in from Switzerland specially for the event. The acacia home caramel is coming in from France, the Terragon hazelnuts are being flown in from Italy and Spain will be providing the Valencia almond paste. Each dessert plate will be topped with a sprinkle of 23-carat edible gold flakes and a white chocolate ball that will be covered in gold dust. 

"In today's market, gold costs $1600, $1700 for an ounce, sometimes up to $2000, so it's expensive," Henzi said. "We're looking at $1.20 per plate just for the gold flakes. And we're preparing 1500 plates!" 

The Golden Globe Awards are taking place on January 15 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. 

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Ray Anselmo's picture

In other news, while Sugiura's staff prepares to sprinkle 23k gold onto Angelina Jolie's dessert, 30,000-40,000 people will die today of starvation ...

WAAGTOD's picture

And if she didn't eat it, those people wouldn't still starve? You statement seems like it was causal, but it is not.

Anthony's picture

And? Yes, they'll starve regardless. They were born in a place that sucks. It's not our responsibility to save the world. AMERICA ISN'T SUPERMAN. We need to stop acting like it.

She Likes to Watch's picture

It disturbs me that the Golden Globe Awards had the perfect opportunity to showcase locally grown, organic, sustainable cuisine, and totally blew it. Can you imagine how much it costs to ship hazelnuts from Italy, when you could just get them from Oregon?

Anthony's picture

Seriously? Who cares? The hazelnuts would be better from Italy, miso better from Japan, etc. Why take inferior products from the "local" growers?

Kathy's picture

This is obnoxious.
There's a finite amount of gold on this planet and they're going to take a couple of thousand dollars worth of the stuff - that adds no taste nor nutritional value to the food - to decorate food for people to eat and ultimately flush down a toilet.
And there are many other ways to create the same effect. But we have to stroke the egos of these people...that they're so special they're fed gold. Feh!

TheBob's picture

"Miso Straight from Japan..."

Is that with or without NUCLEAR RADIATION?

Lee's picture

I'm with Kathy. I can't understand all this fascination with gold in food.it does look classy, and makes you feel like a billionaire to feast on gold, but we all know that what goes in, must come out. All that gold, will just be flushed out of the body.

Diana's picture

America has been helping out the world for a long time....and what is the thanks we get? hatred and loathing and being taken advantage of....it is not Americans nor America's fault these people are ruled by a corrupt ruler and do nothing to save themselves. We went to Iraq killed a raping , murdering tiranic ruler and also killed many extremists INCLUDING binladin to save others not of our country from the tirany and fear , tried to liberate the women their and give them an education...at first we did go their for all the wrong reasons and i hate that fact, but that was not us americans decision, but our greedy elected gov and ruler bush at that time...In mexico people die trying to cross into our country, their are bombings their every day and drug cartels raping and killing children...if these cartels can get guns so can they...but they would rather give up and run...paying the very people that hurt them to come here...then reap the benefits from our country and send it back home to line the murdering drug dealers pockets there...make sense ? America is a melting pot, a diversified country, and hated...when i see advertisements of feed the children..i laugh..those children look more fed then my own....so tired of being the worlds door mat, only to be hated and taken advantage of...if people cant help themselves, then why should i. they have limitless land to grow food and survive, and many ways of protecting themselves but would rather thrust their hand forword and beg allowing their land to be taken as they lay down and cower ........instead of stand up for themselves....world needs to realize we are not superman, nor the savior. And spewing so much hate upon us does no good in wanting us to help at the cost of our young and ourselves. Americans bust their ass off, and give away much..people come here take and bring it back home...never putting it back into this country for their descendants nor mine...turning the other cheek may sound noble...but rather hard to do, when your struggling trying to survive and keep a roof over your own head and your children's while suffering constant racism for being white... we are all human, and all want the same thing..yet we divide ourselves and hurt each other...makes me sad .

Diana's picture

these celebrity's worked to get these luxuries, get a damn job and stop whining of the excess they worked for and paid for to enjoy.