Dublin Dr. Pepper Becomes Obsolete

January 15, 2012

Dublin, Texas is known for their love of Dr. Pepper.  Although the small central Texas town didn't invent the soft drink it has certainly adopted it as it's mascot.  Throughout Dublin, visitors would have found murals, signs, and even a billboard devoted to Dr.Pepper; it has built its identity around the soda.

Dublin Dr. Pepper is made with real cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup so the beverage is sweeter than the more common Dr. Pepper.  It has been bottled in the town since 1891.  However, due to a legal settlement, the town is no longer producing their much beloved beverage.  The company's logo is being covered up and many fear that the town's identity is disappearing along with it.

Dr Pepper Snapple Group purchased the Dublin bottling company’s sales and distribution operations and owns the rights to distribute Dr Pepper in the six central Texas counties.  The company has been renamed Dublin Bottling Works.  They vow to keep producing the unique soda under a different name.  It will be sold in the plant's soda shop and museum.

Dublin residents are worried that the loss of their famous soda will have a drastic effect on their economy, which depends on a significant number of tourists visiting each year on behalf of Dublin Dr. Pepper.  Many are rebelling by promising never to drink Dr. Pepper products.  Seems to be another case where big business is overrunning the small independent brand.


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