Grow Something: Now Is the Time To Save Some Money

February 21, 2012

Having trouble finding fresh food in your area? Grow something! Now is the time to save some money on your food bill. 

If you have ever looked at a fresh salad, and thought to yourself "I should grow that", then this is your reminder notice. It is time to start organizing your home garden.

February and March are when the seed catalogs start pouring in. If you are not on any catalog lists, do a Google search for seeds, for a never ending list of suppliers. Before buying a single seed, organize your thoughts on paper. Here is a sample of questions to ask yourself: 

  1. How much space do I have - There is no place too small. From rooftop farms, to Dixie cups with wheatgrass in them, if you have a tiny bit of space, you can grow something.
  2. What will I eat - Perhaps the most important question, creativity can only get the job done. Food that is not going to be eaten, is wasted. 
  3. Where are my seeds coming from - It is very important to buy open pollinated or non hybrid seeds. These types of seeds are genetically sound-not modified in a lab. You can save your own seeds to replant the following year, and they will grow the same plant again. 

Once you get your seeds, check how soon they are germinated before planting in the garden. You compare that with your Last Frost Date, and count back the weeks on the calendar. You may find that it is time to get germinating! 

Growing your own food is not all or nothing. Not everyone wants to grind their own wheat, and they shouldn't feel pressured to do so. You can grow a bowl, or bucket or strip of yard, into a delicious salad. Heck, grow a single zucchini seed! Just grab some dirt and grow something. 

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