"Made in America" Skillets are Patriotic Cookware

May 11, 2012

The "Made in America" cast iron skillet collection from FeLion Studios define you as a patriotic cook.  These skillets are functional skillets as well as works of art from owner and artist, Alisa Toninato.  Skillets are available in 48 contiguous states (sorry Alaska and Hawaii) and range in price (from $600-$1,500 dollars).  You will be able to show some state pride while also cooking a fabulous meal.

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Maya @ Alaska from Scratch's picture

So bummed they don't have Alaska!

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Cookware 8 red coins

1 roasting pan (ø approx. 24 cm / height: approx. 11.5 cm / ~ approx. 4.5 l)
1 pot (ø approx. 20 cm / height: approx. 9.5 cm / ~ approx. 2.6 l)
1 skillet (ø approx. 18 cm / height: approx. 9.3 cm / ~ approx. 2.0 l)
1 jumping (ø approx. 24 cm / height: approx. 6 cm / ~ approx. 2.15 l)
1 stove (ø approx. 20 cm / height: approx. 4.1 cm / ~ approx. 0.95 l)
1 glass lid (ø approx. 18 cm)
1 glass lid (ø approx. 20 cm)
1 glass lid (ø approx. 24 cm)

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thickness of 4.5 mm
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