Chipotle Introduces 100% Pasture Raised Sour Cream

June 18, 2012

Chipotle Mexican Grill announced that they using 100 percent pastured raised sour cream at all their restaurants commencing immediately.  The restaurant chain is known for supporting local and sustainable food sources and for changing the way consumers view the quality of fast food.  In a press release, Chipotle's CEO, Steve Ells, said "we are constantly looking at every ingredient we use to make our food and how we can get them from better, more sustainable sources. 

Chipotle's dairy protocol dictates that "cows have daily access to outdoor pastures, are never given added hormones, and are fed an all vegetarian, plant-based diet."  In addition to the sour cream, 65 percent of cheese served also comes from pastured raised cows.

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