This Blueberry Muffin Thinks It's A Pancake

July 26, 2012

National Blueberry Month is coming to a close, and that means blueberry season is almost finished, too. Why not savor the sweet burst of blueberries a few more times before parting ways?

Associated Press Food Editor J.M. Hirsch created this recipe for a blueberry muffin that thinks it's a pancake. Hirsch discovered that if you have a hankering for blueberry muffins but don't have a muffin pan, the same mix can be crisped up in a skillet for delicious pancakes! Plus, the finished pancakes are small and cute, and they go perfectly with a handful of fresh blueberries and a pat of melting butter.

Whip up these skillet blueberry muffin pancakes and savor the flavor until the end of summer.

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