Simplicity in a Cocktail

September 17, 2012

Sometimes simplicity just needs a bit of coaxing to release the inner flavors in a cocktail.  Take the ice that you use.  I'm hooked on the ice made with my Mavea "inspired water" filter.  Case in point, the Mavea just makes great ice.  One of my favorite ways to enjoy the ice is with Absinthe.  If you are a purist you may scoff at using ice in a Absinthe cocktail, but I think it is highly necessary, especially if you're having more than one.  The quality of your ice should be as important as the Absinthe and the syrups and the bitters.  I'm often put off by ice that tastes off- or has particulates frozen inside of them other than my own flavor augmentations. 

The J. Marion Legendre Cocktail is named for the inventor of the Sazerac.  But this cocktail is only akin to the Sazerac in the name of the drink.  It has no Herbsaint in the mix, although it does contain Absinthe.  Herbsaint in this drink is too coffee like in the nose.  I need something that needs a bit more flavors of the fall in my Legendre Cocktail. 

Roasted Apples!

I like to muddle roasted apples along with my Absinthe releasing their inner secrets.  Then I add a good handful of Mavea ice, then a healthy dosage of Tenneyson Absinthe, some Royal Rose Simple Syrup of Lemon and Lavender and finally a few drops of the Bitter End Thai Bitters. 

That is all!

The J. Marion Legendre is mysterious and lush.  The apples give off a flavor that says fall.  They meld into the background and give this drink balance. 

Tenneyson is the heat in the equation. 

Rolling in at 107 Proof, the immense power of this spirit can only be tempered by patience.

Royal Rose makes handcrafted cocktail sweeteners that beg the question- how can I get some now?  I chose the Lavender and lemon because they just work well with the Absinthe. 

Bitter End's Thai Bitters offers a bit of heat and a bit more flavor than you would every expect.

How can I make one now?


Ice from the Mavea pitcher

Tenneyson Absinthe

Roasted Apples

Royal Rose Lavender and Lemon Simple Syrup

Bitter End Thai Bitters



Buy a Mavea "Inspired Water" pitcher at Williams-Sonoma or on the web, I think Amazon has a few...

Freeze a tray of the filtered water overnight

Roast about 3-4 sturdy baking apples until soft- about an hour at 350 degrees, let cool



Muddle a couple slices from your roasted apples in the bottom of a Boston Shaker

Add 2 Tablespoons of the Royal Rose Simple Syrup

Add a handful of ice

Add about 2 oz. of Tenneyson Absinthe

Shake shake shake shake and... shake...

Strain into a handblown glass that has a few Mavea ice cubes inside

Drip 3-4 drops of the Bitter End Thai Bitters over the top

Garnish with nothing else but love

Danger Level 4 out of 5!   Be careful!