The Allrecipes 2012 Food Trends Recap Has Paleo Up, Hot Dogs Down

December 12, 2012

Hot or not? The recently released Allrecipes 2012 Food Trends Recap has some surprising (and not so surprising) results based on data culled from their site. Winners include Paleo foods and the "Grandma trend", while portobello mushrooms and hot dogs venture down a path of shame and neglect. (Speaking of shame, the above hot dog, with its shameful slathering of ketchup, fills this former Chicagoan with powerful loathing.) As a bonus, you can also find out the hyped industry trends that failed to materialize, sleeper hits, and the top "mispeled" foods. Now excuse me while I fill my vials of bitters with bitter tears.

And maybe we can make absorption-cooked pasta hot for 2013?