New Yorker Attempts to Visit Every Starbucks in the City

January 8, 2013

John McCourt is fairly new to the Big Apple and is hoping to explore the city by visiting every single New York City Starbucks location in one year. He is blogging about each visit on his blog, Starbucks and the City

"It is my theory that Starbucks can serve as a guide to the neighborhoods of Manhattan, with each store a reflection of its surroundings," McCourt writes on his blog. "So I'm giving myself a year. One year of trying new drinks in new neighborhoods across the city."

McCourt is also rating his experience at each NYC Starbucks location by giving a score of one (horrible) to five (amazing) cups. It's eight days into the new year and McCourt has already blogged about four visits to Starbucks locations in the city. Do you think he'll be able to visit all 201 locations by the end of 2013? 

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