Beer Mallows are a Brew-Infused Puff

January 13, 2013

Nurse and amateur baker, Judy Cakes of Naples, Florida has managed to create a brew-infused puff with her Beer Mallows. Her description of the treats? "They melt in your mouth like fluffy vanilla pillows with a slight hint of... wait for it... BEER!"

To further enhance the flavor of the boozy confection, she dips them in milk AND dark chocolate, coating them with salty pretzels. Not yet available to purchase, Judy is currently raising funds to mass produce these little puffs.

Beer Mallows !!!

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Victoria's picture

Sounds very tasty..
I wish that Judy soon raises the fund, and produce more of the puffs.. And may these be available in the market soon.
And I promise I will be the first to order a dozen.
It would be very appreciable if the day when the product would be marketed is also notified over here.