'Friends' Characters Would Likely Have Died for Over Consuming Coffee

April 30, 2013

A new report from Scientific American reveals that the amount of coffee drinking seen in Friends would have likely caused the beloved characters to fall very ill, if not kill them. 

The report assumes that each of the Friends cast members drank two 20-ounce cups of caffeine-filled coffee during each episode, thanks to the large drink sizes at their favorite hang-out, Central Perk. Over the course of 10 seasons, this would add up to 445 gallons of coffee. According to the research, this amount of coffee is enough to seriously drug 300 people, who would soon find themselves hospitalized and probably would kill a few. 

The researchers also took into consideration that what was capture on the small screen did not include every single cup of coffee the Friends characters consumed. In fact, they've estimated that these characters actually ingested a total of 3,100 gallons of coffee, which is about the size of half a freight container. 

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