Iron Chef America Unveils Frozen Meal Kits

May 21, 2013

Iron Chef America has just launched a line of frozen meal kits called À La Cuisine. Each kit boasts "premium meats, farm-picked veggies, gourmet sauces, and aromatic basmati rice." Meals include Garam Masala Chicken, Beef Mongolian, Thai Green Curry Beef and Spicy Szechuan Chicken. 

"ICA is the main source of inspiration. The chefs are impressive. Foodies like myself are hooked," Anthony J. Elman, senior VP of sales and marketing of Premier Meat Packers, said in a statement. "People love a bold and delicious dish. We felt the need to supply them with varied meal kit essentials, inspired by the Iron Chefs. À La Cuisine caters to people's cravings. We also designed two introductory sweet flavors. It's food they can conveniently and quickly cook up. This is a product people can identify with."

Iron Chef America fans will soon also be able to get frozen hors D'oeuvres in the near future. 

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