How To Clean Mussels

August 8, 2013

Oh, how we love a big bowl of mussels in white wine with garlic and parsley! Watch this short video tutorial on how to clean mussels and how to determine which ones you want to discard. 

Video transcription
A lot of people worry and they fear shellfish.  I got these from the local supermarket, they’re good quality, they’re quite dense, they’re quite heavy, but that’s very hard to detect in the supermarket for the simple reason is, is because they’re always bagged up, wrapped up.  So you have to have a relationship with your fishmonger.  You have to ask the correct questions, when did they come from the coast? Today? Yesterday?  Then what you do is, is you put them into the sink and you put running water over them, just let it fill and then keep it running for an hour or so.  Ones that float to the top just discard, get rid of them, ones that are already open get rid of them.  When you cook them, some of them may not open, just don’t bother with them.

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