The Best Gluten Free Pasta

June 1, 2014

Living a gluten free lifestyle can be difficult. It's hard to have to explain why you can't just eat anything thing, some people don't believe gluten free is actually a *thing*, and if you don't fully embrace your new diet, it can be downright impossible to enjoy having a meal with friends. It's also important to try and make kids who are GF feel like everyone else whenever possible, but any child who has a food allergy can attest; eating whole foods while your friends have lunches filled with TV characters, and rainbow colors makes for a difficult lunch experience. 

One member of our family has to be gluten free. It's been almost a year with out gluten, and the change is astounding. As a mom, this gives me the determination that I need to prepare gluten free foods for my child, even if it is exceptionally hard to do. I have gotten quite good at making most of the meal GF, and making a GF version of the wheat item at the same time. It's still an extra step that sometime makes him feel different from the rest of the people at the table. I am always looking for ways to avoid that. 

Recently, I found a new GF pasta in the regular pasta aisle, with a familiar brand name. After trying it three times, I feel compelled to share my experience with Foodista readers. 

The pasta; Ronzoni Gluten Free (I have used spaghetti and rotini so far) pasta, is absolutely life altering for our family. It tastes just like regular pasta, cooks up the same, and it's comparable in price to regular wheat pasta ($2.12 for a 12 ounce box of either). I was so overjoyed to find a winner, that I cleared off the shelf of all but 2 boxes of spaghetti and rotini both. 

If you are GF, and can tolerate the mix of white rice, brown rice, corn, and quinoa that makes up this tasty pasta, then I highly recommend getting some. 

There is a website all about the pasta: Ronzoni Gluten Free

There is also a coupon for $1.00 of a box. 

(I am not benefiting in any way from you buying this pasta, or using the coupon. I truly feel that this pasta is one that deserves to be in any GF pantry)


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