Etsy Crush: Unpaper Towels

June 6, 2014

This week's Etsy crush is a shop called LeightonPointLinen, a little place in Pembroke, Maine. The owner, Shelley Weber, makes beautiful linen housewares with an artistic touch, and a sprinkling of practicality thrown in. You can find numerous kitchen  related items in the shop. Aprons, drawstring bags, napkins, and curtains are all available, made to order. It's the perfect answer if you are bothered by the waste of our throwaway tendencies.

The Unpaper towels, pictured above, are the perfect alternative to disposable napkins and paper towels that we use so often. Made from luscious linen, each piece is super absorbent and improves with age. Instead of using and throwing away endless paper, why not have a basket or drawer of these  in your kitchen? Save money and the environment, in a beautiful way. 

Jump directly to the Etsy site: Leighton Point Linen

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Shelley is an amazing artist in many mediums. Her gorgeous graphite pictures, photography, and made to order jewelry can be viewed on her site: Shelleycreates

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