3 Beautiful Berry Recipes

July 7, 2014

Beautiful berries are ready to enjoy all over the country. These juicy bites are bursting with flavor, and ready  to eat by the handful, then find a great recipe to savor the flavor even more. We love the sort of recipes that make the seasonal food the highlight of the dish. The following beautiful berry recipes are tried and true, and highlight the fleeting season of this delicate food. Enjoy! 

Caramel Almond Berry Trifle

Submitted by Niki Kessler Rinaldo

This trifle gives you all the components of a delicious dessert; Creamy whipped cream, rich pound cake, and of course the berries. Try with any berry that is in season where you live. It's quick and easy to make, with a huge wow factor! 

Berry Fruit Crumble

Submitted By Jennifer Drummond

Fruit crumble is a dessert that just begs to get the kids involved. It's simply a matter of layering on the flavors, and then putting it in the oven. What a wonderful ending to an afternoon picking fresh berries! We use this as a summer escapade that all the kids get to enjoy together. What a fun way to make memories. 

Berry Gazpacho

Submitted By Shoshanna Levy

This is a summer recipe for the grownups. Fresh, sweet berries are blended with a fruity Reisling, to make a smooth, almost creamy textured soup. A chilled delight after the heat of a long summer day.