Summer Suppers: Quick and Easy Chicken Recipes

August 8, 2014

It's summer and you need a quick and easy chicken recipe for your next summer supper. We have the solution! Enjoy the flavors of summer fresh produce and tender chicken in each of these simple recipes. They are all the perfect answer to a family meal in no time. 

Crispy Chicken Tacos

From Aapplemint

Crispy chicken and spicy taco seasonings make this a summertime favorite. Make your favorite Mexican recipe with chicken instead, and your kids will thank you. This is the sort of finger food that is both filling and fast to make. Win! 

Chicken Caesar Burger

From Food Faith Fitness

Sweet Juicy chicken smothered in tangy Caesar dressing, makes a wonderful alternative to burgers on the grill. It's a fresh tasting, light lunch or summer supper. 

Lemon Chicken with Summer Greens

From Sophie's Pantry

One pan and you are done! This is the perfect summer supper that uses the fresh bounty from the garden and healthy chicken breast. So delicious! What makes it extra special, is that the ingredients can change with the seasons. Use everything from the farmer's market for this delicious dish.


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