How To Make Clarified Butter

October 17, 2014

A basic ingredient in any kitchen is butter. Smooth and creamy, butter adds the final touch to many dishes and is irreplaceable for the taste and texture that it brings. Around the world, butter is used in many classic dishes.  You may not even recognize it however, because it has been transformed into an entirely new flavor profile with special techniques. There are actually more than one type of butter flavors that can be made with the delicate flavors of clarified, browned and  ghee are all different flavors that you can get from a single ingredient; butter. 

With some careful attention, make these irreplaceable ingredients for all of your cooking. 

Clarified Butter Ghee and Brown Butter

From Blogging Over Thyme

We also found some great video techniques for making and using some of these butter based ingredients. First how to make Ghee: 

Here is another video on how to make clarified butter, and why you want to: 

Now, on to browned butter. How to make it and why would you want to? Check it out!