Whiskey Spiked Chicken Wings and Other Whiskey Spiked Recipes

June 19, 2015

The most obvious way to enjoy top shelf whiskey is on the rocks on mixed in a cocktail.  Whiskey can add exceptional flavor to a myriad of dishes from fried chicken to chocolate cake.  These recipes outline the various ways you can incorporate this spirit into their everyday cooking.

Pineapple Mint Julep
Recipe from Lynsey Loves Food

Bourbon whiskey is a key ingredient in a mint julep and this pineapple julep is no exception.  To make an exceptional cocktail, you must first start with exceptional spirits so invest in a good whiskey before shaking up this pineapple mint julep.

Bourbon Whiskey BBQ sauce
Recipe from Love Bakes Good Cakes

Everyone needs a good barbecue recipe to come back to all summer long.  Whether you slather it on ribs, on a burger or mix it with a sauce - it is a must-have during grilling season.  This Bourbon whiskey barbecue sauce packs a punch and is well worth the investment.   

Chocolate Whiskey Cake
Recipe from How Sweet It Is

Chocolate whiskey cake simultaneously makes you feel like a kid and a grown-up at the same time. A homemade dense chocolate cake is covered in a fudgy ganache and topped with pastel colored marshmallows which add a contrast of color and texture.  The ganache is made from a combination of heavy cream and semi-sweet chocolate and spiked with Irish cream.  For a richer, more intense frosting, you can use dark or bittersweet  chocolate with 70 percent or higher cacao content.

Whiskey Bacon Mac n' Cheese
Recipe from Basilico

No one can refuse a bowl of mac n' cheese especially if whiskey and bacon are making an appearance.  This comfort food classic is revamped to include cherrywood smoked bacon, smoked paprika, and sharp cheddar cheese.  Eaters are guaranteed to come back for seconds and even thirds.

Whiskey Glazed Chicken Wings
Recipe from Mantitlement

Sweet and sticky whiskey glazed chicken wings are a manly meal.  The chicken wings are perfectly fried golden brown and tossed in a homemade glaze flavored with pineapple juice, brown sugar, cayenne pepper and teriyaki sauce.  Serve these during the big game or at the next family cookout.

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