Pressure Cooker Easter Ham

March 25, 2016

Mouthwatering Ham that is full of flavor in 50 minutes? If you own a pressure cooker, you can make the best ham of your life and yes, it takes less than an hour. If you use a pressure cooker, all the flavor stays in the meat. You can add your favorite glaze and even season the liquid in the bottom of the cooker. Then your ham stays moist and delicious, while the flavor stays in the meat. 
I enjoy cooking with a pressure cooker so much, I actually have two in my kitchen. They never leave the counter because I use them throughout the week. For Easter, I will use the large, 10 quart cooker  and cook my ham: 

Pressure Cooker Easter Ham

From The Farming Wife

1 10 lb  fully cooked ham

Your favorite glaze
I use a mixture of spicy brown mustard, brown sugar and pineapple juice to taste
Whole cloves (a nod to my grandmother)

1.Place rack in the bottom of your pressure cooker if you have one. Canning jar rings work well if you don't

2. Press whole cloves into your ham, evenly spaced. 

3. Cut into the ham in a checkerboard formation, so the glaze can penetrate the ham

4. Pour glaze over the ham

5. Tighten lid and set timer for 50 minutes. 

6. Cooker will begin counting down once proper pressure is reached (about 15 minutes)

7. After timer goes off, release pressure carefully for rapid release, or allow cooker to come slow release while you fix other side dishes-it's up to you! 

8. Carefully remove finished ham to a platter

9. Pour juice into a pan and allow fat to rise to the top for easy removal.

10. Remaining juices can be slightly thickened with corn starch, or left as is. Either way, be sure to serve it along with your meal. 



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