Smith Tower's Pop-Up Happy Hour Bar

August 28, 2019

Now through the end of September, Seattle's first skyscraper - Smith Tower - is hosting a pop-up bar. The Lookout, located on the 22nd floor of the iconic building, is a great place to gather with friends, grab a beer or glass of wine and a few snacks, and enjoy the view!

Previously open only for private events, the new pop-up bar and patio will be open to the public (aged 21 years and over) daily from 4 pm to dusk. Your $5 entry fee will cover an elevator ride to the 22nd floor. Indoor and outdoor seating areas provide beautiful sweeping views of downtown, the waterfront, and nearby stadiums. You'll also find a variety of jumbo-sized games such as Jenga and Connect Four to enjoy while sipping a craft cocktail.

If our beautiful summer weather holds, the venue will be extended into October, but best not to wait – grab your chance now.

Views from Seattle's Smith Tower

Editorial disclosure: Food and beverages were generously provided.