Raw Asparagus Salad

February 1, 2009

It's Super Bowl Sunday! Which usually means a gluttonous dose of spicy chicken wings, greasy BBQ meatballs, and cheesy nachos. If you're looking for some healthier options this year, or just want to add some fresh vegetables to the mix, this asparagus salad is sure to score a touchdown.

I know raw asparagus doesn't fall in the conventional football food category, but give this underdog a chance. If you like asparagus cooked, you'll love it raw! It's sweet, delicate and crisp - and best of all it won't give you heartburn like those chicken wings. Simply julienne the spears (or slice them in ribbons with a vegetable peeler), toss them in a light vinaigrette, and pile high on a plate. If nothing else people will try it out of sheer curiosity. I bet they'll like it too.

For the recipe go to Foodista.

Asparagus Salad on Foodista



Rosebud's picture

Sounds delicious, and great photo, Mr. B.

Abby @ mangerlaville's picture

I love the idea of a fresh almost shaved asparagus salad. You could do a citrus vinaigrette or a bacon one (I guess that would add in all the fat you tried to eliminate for super bowl). I think superbowl just means "food day" plain and simple.

The Wind Attack's picture

I just bought a whole bunch of asparagus on a whim... now I will need to try this.

Great picture!

Liz's picture

What a great idea!! :)

Fat Free Dressing's picture

Sounds awesome! Can't wait to try it.

M\'s picture

This looks delicious! I’m not a raw vegan, but I’m trying to incorporate more raw veggies into my diet. I’m also a bit of a hummus addict, so this seems like it could help with that a little! Thanks for sharing.
I’m adding this to my raw veggie recipe link party: http://hideousdreadfulstinky.blogspot.com/2010/07/rawking-raw.html

If you (or anyone who reads this) have any more links to share, please feel free to do so

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Gah! Sorry about the last post-I am trying to tell several people that I've posted their recipes to y blog while holding a kicking 2-year-old and I published this before I revised my cut-n-paste comment :(

Anyway, what I *wanted* to say is that I love asparagus, but have never tried it raw. This looks so simple and delicious. I have posted it to my raw veggie link party:

Found you via foodgawker :)

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buenos su blog es muy bueno, buen espacio hay gustad mucho!:)
excusa mi mal espanol!Sólo te falta una herramienta de traducción el resto tudo ok!